Digital Media

Book Art

Artist Statement:

My artwork primarily uses various media intended for Fine Art paper.

Working within the technical limits of Book Arts, Printmaking, Watercolor and Digital Media to create a personal visual statement. The juxtaposition of color patterns, color fields and typography as a repetitive background form the technical foundation for the use of a central theme.

Combining spatial ambiguities and illusion to create the implied subject of the work.  It is here that the visual incongruity of the work molds into a poetic juxtaposition that reflects a surrealist definition of the classic collage.  A poetic voyeurism is implied through the combination of the exquisite, the esoteric and commonplace.

The images in producing these paintings should not be confused with the process of the art of trompe l’oeil.  A similarity should not be overlooked.  I am more concerned with how each quadrant of color becomes a supporting factor to the selection of images that compose the “theme” of the work.

Continued evolvement through the process of image and color selection emphasizes the relationship of color to a specific theme. The over all effect is that of a precise visual balance obtained using type, color, pattern and subject.